What’s My Motivation?

Just in case there’s any doubt

I am not motivated by plaudits

Or any sovereign sense of my own superiority


On the contrary

My primary feeling

In the zero-point vacuum of my heart -

My innermost receptivity -

Is compassionate concern

For this human world

And its natural neighbourhood

Which inescapably includes me

In deep trouble


A trouble that I see being rooted

In a way of thinking

Passed down by Authority

For thousands of years,

Which, for no good reason at all

Either splits or merges

Solo figure

From or with

Birthing ground

Bringing conflict and suppression

To all life around


This makes me want

In whatever remains of my days

To do what I can

To help us out of this web

And to accompany others

From diverse horizons

Who see the same way clear

Through the dense entanglements

And disparate voices

Selling their wheres

And paying their dues

To what’s not good news

For our human kind

And this world about us


That’s my motivation

What’s yours?


For further exploration of our self-inclusion in natural neighbourhood, please visit http://www.spanglefish.com/exploringnaturalinclusion

Addendum:- And here’s my demotivation:-

***You Are On Your Own***
I hear being said
By those walls of silence
As I struggle to raise my head
And get out of bed
To face another day
Trying to make my way
To make my contribution
To life’s continuance
Through festoons of dense entanglement
Embodied in idol thoughts
That separate who and what will be heard
And responded to
From who and what won’t
Regardless of what does or doesn’t make sense
In which case…
Why should I be bothered?



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Alan Rayner

Alan Rayner

Alan Rayner is an evolutionary ecologist, writer and artist, who is pioneering the philosophy of natural inclusion