The Vital Void: What Makes Us Miss Out What Life’s All About?

From Abstract Zero to Natural Hero (coloured pencil and ink drawing on paper by Alan Rayner, 2021). The Transformative Mathematical Move From Abstract to Natural; Is the integration of Zero; As a dynamic inclusion of One; Within Infinity; Spatial Stillness and Energetic Motion; Soul and Spirit; In co-creative, mutually inclusive relationship; Making us what we are; Embodiments of Place-Time

What makes us miss out

What we need to include in our minds

To make life worth living -

Loving, caring, joyful, creative, understandable, sustainable -

A gift to be received, nurtured and passed on

In continuous relay

And instead treat life as a quest

Against all odds

For supremacy, certainty and material wealth

At all costs to our psyche, environment and bodily health?


It’s hard to avoid

The fear of the void

When it’s represented to us

As the end, not the source, of us all

Making us seek salvation

In false conclusions

That miss out

By division or union

What needs to occur

In the depth of our selves

And the depth of our habitats

To make our lives possible

In the first place


It’s then that we need

With less haste, more speed

To return to our senses

And take into account

The intangible that’s missing

From all measured amount -

The infinite quality

Throughout and beyond quantity

That our fear of missing out

Misses out

But our innate love of life

Knows only too well


For further exploration of the vital void and its co-creative relationship with natural energy flow, see

Alan Rayner is an evolutionary ecologist, writer and artist, who is pioneering the philosophy of natural inclusion