Nightburst’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020) The emergence from void into conscious expression

I am here


Bathing you

In my receptive, omnipresent stillness

The silent calmness within and all around

Your agitation


I am no threat to your existence

I am here for you

Not against you

Calling you this way

To be as you become


See me, feel me, touch me

In your imagination

And be free


NB I have long felt that societal tyranny has much to do with a continually reinforced ‘fear of the void’ as a source of existential threat. So to perceive the void as ‘receptive’ (as is central to my understanding of natural inclusion) offers a radically different and more truthful view, which helps to liberate us from fear.

For further exploration of the mutually inclusive, receptive-responsive relationship between intangible space and energy within all tangible form, please visit


Space cannot be displaced
She can only be illuminated
Into material form
To realise this
Is true enlightenment
Not the false dawn
That splits the darkness
From the night
Or disregards the difference
That makes all the difference
To our understanding of nature’s variety
Born from the love of each for other
In receptive & responsive
Mutually inclusive
Co-creative embrace

***True Enlightenment***

Is neither a link nor a chain. It comes with the knowledge that space, as an intangible omnipresence of receptive stillness, cannot be displaced by — it can only be illuminated energetically into — tangible form.

‘Pondage’ (‘pooled togetherness’/ ‘natural communion’) is not Bondage, but a natural inclusion of space in flux (in space) — intangible within tangible within intangible. If humanity is to stop blundering, it will need to break its addiction to interconnectedness as well as its addiction to materialism. Those two addictions arise from the same false premise. Nature is not an object. We cannot connect to what already includes us as a dynamic local inclusion of itself.

We need to stop avoiding the void, and understand it for what it is, at the receptive heart of our being and becoming.

Alan Rayner is an evolutionary ecologist, writer and artist, who is pioneering the philosophy of natural inclusion