Fractions Make Factions, Space Pools Together

Alan Rayner
2 min readJan 15, 2021


Channel №5’ (Oil painting on canvas by Alan Rayner, 2007) Come on you Two; Won’t you fuse with us Three; So that we no longer have to be; Rivals?. In an Olympic Golden Sovereignty; Of One on either side of offence; That makes you over; Into binary opposition. An oddly singular couple; Of thrust and counter-thrust; In action and reaction; That denies the even handedness; Of your giving and taking; To and from each; Receptive and responsive influence. A tidal flow that empties; As it fills and fills; As it empties; In a chord with circumstantial need; To keep a breast. In tune with Mother; Who can give; No more than she can provide; If she is to sustain her sustaining; Identity of one in All and all in One; A world with out end; In which none can begin; Without being taken in; Amend (From ‘NaturesScope’, O books, 2011)

Were you ever taught

In your years in school

That fractions make factions

Which divide and rule

The parts of a whole

Cut apart from its home

As a lifeless One

A figure abstracted from the ground of its being

All alone?


I bet that you weren’t

Told what you learnt

Would split your sides

At odds with each other

And every where else

With no room for Mother

To quell their internal strife

And bring back to life

Their place in the current

That flows in and flows out

From every body

Made from darkness & light

In mutual rapture


Now, what can we do

To retrieve what we all knew

From the moment of birth

Before told that we must

Put all of our trust

In stories of old

Leaving us out in the cold

Shivering with fright

In the deadness of night

To be divided and ruled

By overpowering might?


All we need to perceive

The card up the sleeve

Is that space does not separate us

And boundaries aren’t fixed

But each in the other

Serves us as mother and father

Receptive and responsive to our needs

For care and sustenance

Pooling us swimmingly together

Where every one is a home

Unique, but never alone

In natural neighbourhood


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Alan Rayner

Alan Rayner is an evolutionary ecologist, writer and artist, who is pioneering the philosophy of natural inclusion