Four Lawn Hope

Stitching in Time’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2020). Every moment is a turning point; In ever-present current; Carrying life across the gaps; In human memory; From future into past; Without a pause for thought; Yet dancing in the Stillness; The play of light in void; That brings relief to form; Flowing here and there in rhythms; Receiving and responding; In continuous relay; Throughout the day; Throughout the night; From season into season; Without the need for reason; To divide, make whole or keep to straight and narrow; Only dying to pass on

Maybe some day

This two-way split

Between first, second and third


Will find the way to heal

In the ultimate embrace

The endless space

The infinite fifth

Where each can combine

In foursome real


Each in the others

Spinning around

Receptive heart


As day becomes night becomes day

As cold becomes warm becomes cold

As old makes young becomes old

From degeneration to regeneration

From surviving to thriving

In the passing of timely reminder

Where and when we are

In the natural schema of things


For further exploration of the ‘four lawn hope’ of natural inclusion, please visit



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