Being in the Crossover

Alan Rayner
2 min readMar 20, 2021


From Abstract Exclusion to Natural Inclusion

Confluence’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2021) Here combined are the local tangible elements of Earth (solid), Water (liquid) and Air (gas) formed from the intangible elements of Fire/light and Space/darkness, symbolized further by the two wings, two tail streamers and head and body of an arctic tern (which migrates annually between Arctic and Antarctic circles). We also see a transition from radial/spherical symmetry associated with stillness and bilateral symmetry associated with movement. Correspondingly, the imagery symbolizes the vitality of the mutually inclusive bodily and soulful/spiritual middle in bringing seemingly opposite but actually complementary viewpoints (as per left and right wings) into confluence.
Swallow Hole’ (Acrylic painting on board by Alan Rayner, 2019) From superficial surface; To cavernous interior; To endless ocean; To superficial surface; Life flows in cycles and spirals: Immersing us; Buoying us; Soothing us; Exciting us; Scaring us; As we live its adventurous; Path: Between pools and rapids; Paddling our own canoes; Imagining we hold our destiny; in our own hands; When, quite clearly; We don’t: Swallowing life hole; Makes us well; Opposing life’s current; Makes it a bitter pill; To swallow
Compassion Fruit’ (Oil painting on canvas by Alan Rayner, 2008). The confluence of classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water via a zero-point at their vertical-horizontal intersection, enables the emergence of a Passiflora vine, symbolizing the natural inclusion of Love in Life.
Holding Openness’ (Oil painting on canvas by Alan Rayner, 2005) Light as a dynamic natural inclusion of darkness continually brings an endless diversity of flow-form to life
Willowy Bridge’ (Oil painting on board by Alan Rayner, 1974) A rowing boat is guided along a channel, too narrow to dip its oars, between opposing cliffs of abusive aggression and serene obstinacy, symbolized by hawks and swans. The way out into the sunlit ocean is through a curtain of leaves trailing from the hair of two willowy female figures who bridge across the chasm between sides that, at base, are not so very unlike one another.

I am neither, nor

One or More

Unitary or Binary

Whole or Part

Science or Art

Reductionism or Holism

Pro or Con

Sometime or Forever

Now or Never

There or Then

Where or When

Up or Down

Bottom or Top

Dead or Alive


The ghastly contagion of either/or -

Abstract exclusion

The paradoxical anti-logic of needless conflict

Cannot be remedied by opposing it

For, as Osho declares

To be against anything is to be at war

It can only be remedied

Through its transformation

The reconciliation of opposites

Contrary ideals

Into the co-creative flow of neither/nor

Around the true zero

The space in the time

The hole in the cycle

Peace itself

Dwelling deep down

The being in the crossover

Which calls together

The earth, wind, fire and water of life

In complementary confluence

The coupled reciprocity of each in the other’s embrace

Here, There and Everywhere

Now and Evermore

In a whirl without end



Alpha and Omega

Women and Men

Neither One nor Other Alone

But Both

In Me and in You

Whatever our external appearance might seem to suggest

We are or are not


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Alan Rayner

Alan Rayner is an evolutionary ecologist, writer and artist, who is pioneering the philosophy of natural inclusion